Clear Your Queries

To verify your registration number, you must visit the official NJMCDirect portal from your favorite web browser. Submit your license number in the search bar and tap the button that reads Next. You can now view your card and process your traffic payment online.

In today’s era, no one wants to waste their time waiting in the queues anywhere. The NJMCDirect portal was introduced to help the people to save their precious time. The NJMCDirect portal makes the payment process simple, convenient, and less time-consuming for each and every New Jersey resident. You are just a few clicks away from paying the fine through this portal.

NJMCDirect Common Queries

What happens if I don’t pay for my ticket?

If you refuse to pay your traffic or parking ticket before this due date, a surcharge will be added. This will solely mean that you will have to pay an extra amount unnecessarily. Thus, don’t be lazy and use the NJMCDirect online portal to clear your traffic violation fines.

Can I pay traffic bills online on the official NJMCDirect portal?

Yes! You can pay all the traffic bills placed online in your vehicle by using your debit or credit card. When you pay on the NJMCdirect portal, an additional fee called a convenience fee is added to the total amount. If you accept the final invoice for traffic violations, you can pay online.

Will I be sent to jail if I refuse or if I don’t pay the fine?

Yes, you will be sent to jail if you do not pay the fine after the maximum sentence has expired. Instead, you may have to pay a large fine if you don’t follow the rules and regulations set by the court. Thus, if you are fined for your mistake, you should pay for the same on the official NJMCDirect Online portal.

Is the official NJMCDirect portal secure for me to pay my fines?

Yes. This online portal is extremely safe and secure for each and every New Jersey resident to pay the fine.