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NJMCDirect is a simple and convenient way to pay for tickets and parking tickets online. To do this, it can be tedious to go to a local office. In the age of technology, the users want to perform all their tasks just from their home and within a few seconds. The official NJMCDirect online portal has been launched for the same. This online portal helps the customers to make sure that no customer needs to wait in the long queues in the court to pay their traffic violation fines.

If you are having trouble using the NJMCDirect Payment Portal, please feel free to contact the NJMCDirect Ticket management team. You can also express your opinions on this portal. Kindly check the NJMCDirect contact details below:

The NJMCDirect Dial Number: 973284 4945

Fax Address: 973 284 4914

Communication Address: JMC Public Safety Building, Second Floor, 228 Chestnut Street

Portal Working Hours: Monday to Friday (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

As a registered driver, it may be legitimate to verify your outstanding tickets. Thanks to the latest technology, the circulation system can automatically send a ticket. A fixed camera can detect minor infractions, e.g. ignoring a red light. It is necessary to obey the traffic rules and if the person violates them, he is liable to be fined. But, the NJMCDirect Payment portal can save his time to a great extent by allowing him to save precious time by not visiting the court and clearing the fine online.

The NJMCDirect is the New Jersey City Court’s online ticket payment portal, where you can pay your tickets for traffic and parking violations. This portal is easily accessible for each and every New Jersey resident. The portal makes sure that the person is able to utilize the technology advancement to the fullest. This portal can be easily accessed at NJMCDirect.com.