Sometimes, NJMCDirect Surcharge can be a complicated thing to understand. To properly analyze them, you must have a clear idea of ​​how they work and how you can comfortably pay on the official NJMCDirect portal. Surcharges charged by the Ministry of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can be particularly difficult and somewhat cumbersome to manage. However, this official portal is extremely easy and secure to use for each and every customer.

NJMCDirect Surcharges

There are several ways to pay the surcharge. These are as follows:

  • Pay with a debit/credit card or electronic cheque: You can pay the NJMCDirect surcharge online easily by using your credit or debit card or your electronic cheque. To pay online using this method, you must visit the official NJMCDirect Surcharge portal at the address It is a very simple, fast, safe, and convenient method. With this method, the bank can charge a 2-3% fee as a service or processing fee.
  • Cash: You can also pay directly by visiting a Western Union store in New Jersey or all over the country.
  • Pay by phone: You can get an NJMCDirect surcharge on demand. You must dial the toll-free number at NJ (844) 424-6829 and clear the payment by using a credit or debit card.
  • Payment by cheque or money order: You can also pay the NJMCDirect surcharge by cheque or money order.

The NJMCDirect portal has made it easy for the residents of New Jersey to make sure that they are able to clear their fine online without visiting the court and within a just few seconds.

This online portal can be easily accessed at the official website address The online portal is extremely simple and easy to use for each and every resident of New Jersey. This portal has succeeded in saving the precious time of the users to a great extent.