Key Points

The NJMCDirect is an online portal. This portal makes it much easier for every to pay fines. Just visit the official website at the website address The portal provides a prefix code that uses the code that you can use to pay your fines. This is an easy and very convenient way to pay fines, as you can easily avoid the hassle of visiting the court.

Key Points Regarding NJMCDirect

If you wish to use the NJ entry prefix code to pay the fine through the portal, you will need some essentials. You must ensure that these items are ready to use the NJ entry prefix code from the NJ ticketing service. Have a look at various terminologies regarding the NJMCDirect portal below:

Transit Ticket: It is necessary to have the parking or transit ticket with you as it is required as proof. The ticket must be legal. Every time you try to violate the traffic rules, you will be handed over the transit ticket by the officer on duty. The ticket is accompanied by the court ID and the entry number. The type of traffic violation you have committed is also indicated on the ticket. You cannot complete the checkout process without this ticket.

Registration Number: You also need your registration number, which you can easily find on your driver’s license. As we all know, the registration number is included in the vehicle information.

Credit Card: while paying fines through the NJMCDirect Ticket, it is obvious that the payment mode will be online. You need your credit or debit card to pay online. You can also use MasterCard or VISA Card effectively to make online payments.

The NJMCDirect Payment portal is useful for people who wish to make online payments for their tickets. It also works for your municipal complaints. For the NJMCDirect portal, users have to pay an additional 3% fee.